Find Your Beetle King! “Komori Life” Launches Brand New Beetle Combat System

Sports Summer Series Activities Begin! 2nd Cat Show & Photography Contest Coming Soon!
Obtain new sports series attire and designs from “Limited-Time Offer Lottery Pond” and “Golden Fuzzy Ball Store”!

“Komori Life” (a mobile game distributed by GungHo Gamania of the Gamania Group, developed by Shanghai Ruiluo Online, and released by Shanda Games) will launch the brand new story missions with the “Beetle Combat System” on June 10 allowing gamers to capture 18 different kinds of beetles in the Komori Village and initiate battles against villagers or friends based on various skill attributes and characteristics of the beetles, showing off the your beetle king!

Furthermore, the official will also be hosting the “Sports Summer” series competitions at the same time, with activities including: “Beetle PK Games” and the “2nd Cat Show & Photography Contest”. There will also be the new “Limited-Time Offer Lottery Pond” and “Golden Fuzzy Ball Store” from where gamers can obtain the “Black Cat Elf Suit”, “Cat Rascal Suit”, new sports series attire, furniture, housing exterior designs, cat costumes and other wonderful prizes!

New Story Missions Launched! Become a Master Beetle Trainer in “Komori Life”!

“Komori Life” launches the brand new “Beetle Combat System” on June 10, 2020. Players can head to the village chief’s home to interact with the village chief and trigger the “Beetle Tournament” story mission, which helps the busy-working village chief accompany his granddaughter “Lingyin” to the forest and capture beetles. With the guidance of “Ahai”, the players can successfully make a net to capture a beetle which completes the mission to unlock and activate the “Beetle Combat System”. There is a total of 18 different kinds of beetles, which are possible to be found in all five major forests in Komori Village. The different skills attributes and characteristics of each beetle will allow players to challenge villagers or friends in battle. Try the “Beetle PK Games” and find your Beetle King. Become a master beetle trainer!

“2nd Cat Show & Photography Contest” is held between June 10 and July 1. The first week Cat Show theme is “Sports Kitty”, the second week Photography Contest Costume theme is “Sports Summer”, the third week Cat Show theme is “Cool Kitty”, and the fourth week at-home Photography Contest theme is “The Gym”. There will be 16 prize winners in both the Cat Show and the Photography Contest. Winners will receive different numbers of prizes as reward according to their ranking. The Cat Show prizes include golden shells, golden fuzzy balls, and cat food gift boxes, while the Photography Contest prizes include golden shells, fresh new filters, and summer filters.

In conjunction with the Sports Festival activities, the official also releases the “Limited-Time Offer Lottery Pond” and “Golden Fuzzy Ball Store”. The “Limited-Time Offer Lottery Pond” will release the three lottery ponds: the new sports series “Cat Costume”, “Furniture”, and “Role Costume”. The official will boost the lotter ponds winning odds during limited-time durations: June 10 to June 17 for the “Cat Costume”, June 17 to June 24 for “Furniture”, and June 24 to July 1 for “Role Costume”. Furthermore, the Cat Show prize winners will receive the “Golden Fuzzy Ball” prop and be able to purchase two brand new limited-edition costumes, the “Black Cat Elf Suit” and the “Cat Rascal Suit”, at the “Golden Fuzzy Ball Store”. Players will easily be able to bring home a bundle of prizes!

In celebration of the Sports Festival, players who have completed the mission in the updated “Komori Part-time Job Version” will receive the “Soccer Net” and the “Badminton Court”. Collect “Lala Cat Medal” to redeem the “Cat Baseball Accessories”. For details on the event, please follow the news updates on the official website and the Facebook fan page.

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